Pavezyum Energy Storage Series

PVe Products
Energy cycle on the big map has a bottlenecking blockage in the storage step, as well as fast charging inifrastructures. Pavezyum takes a part on producing pioneering battery and battery relative additive chemicals that is used in ground-breaking projects. Here are the related Pavezyum Products as solid electrolyte/separator materials and electrode coating additives
Trilithium Borate

Li3BO3 (CAS No: 12676-27-6)

Lithium Metaborate

LiBO(CAS No: 13453-69-5)

Lithium tetraborate

Li2B4O(CAS No: 12007-60-2)

Trilithium Borate

(CAS No: 12676-27-6)
Trilithium borate is mainly used as cathode additive. Meanwhile it also absorbs a remarkable amount of CO2 gas

Both in Batteries and in CO2 Traps

Additive in anode and cathode materials
CO2 absorber at 500°C – 650°C region (11.3 mmol/g)

Lithium Metaborate

(CAS No: 13453-69-5)
Lithium metaborate is mainly used in battery as cathode and polymer electrolyte coating material that provides protective interface while catalyzing ion exchange rate.

Application Remarks

Physical barrier for polymer electrolytes,
Cathodic interface to improve ion diffusion
CO2 capturing agent
Sensitive elemental detection indicator (Cd, As, Cr)

Lithium tetraborate

(CAS No: 12007-60-2)
Lithium tetraborate has wide range of applications from glass & ceramics vitrification to spectral elemental analysis ingredient.

Application Remarks

Sample preparation additive for the XRF, AAS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS Spectral Analyses
Glass and ceramic vitrifying agent
Electrode coating material to provide glassy protection layer