ABOUT USCompany Mission

To be a global science-based, application oriented industrial company that develops and manufactures advanced materials providing high-tech products for our customers.

Pavezyum delivers innovative solutions that protect and improve performance in global markets focusing on automotive, renewable energy, metallurgy, electronics and defense industry.

Conducting tailor-made academic and technical research aiming to fulfill the specific material requirements.  In the laboratory scale set-up, the experimental conditions are well-defined and the interested chemical is proven.  In the later stage, a pilot production plant is build up while the scaled-up production is optimized. which is scalable for further quantity request.  perform optimization tests in order to provide production scale.

ABOUT USFacts & Figures

Pavezyum founded in Istanbul in 2008. Today boron and boron based ceramic powders are the basis of its portfolio.  The research and production objectives are modified according to the customer request and each project becomes a product branch of our portfolio.

The initial turning point is achieved in 2011 with being the first and only producer of nano-boron that is the game changer in boron research and related advanced applications.  Followed by the improvement of the batchwise production lines in between 2015 and 2018 ending up the semi-continuous systems.

Visionary revolution dates back into 2019/2020 with a new industry based approach of new managing committee.  Further on, Pavezyum invests mainly on the key experts and challenging pilot plant infrastructures to prove the requested task.  Succeeding expansion is followed by the long-term contracts.  The company primarily invests in R&D and key production mechanization then accomplishes the capacity request of the customer.  Including the production, R&D and operational crew as well as the partners, we are a family of ~50 members and increasing day by day.

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ABOUT USQuality Policy

PAVEZYUM CO; performs production and sale actions in chemical industry by fulfilling the legal requirements and gratifying customer requests.  Pavezyum assures:

  • Keeping customer satisfaction at highest priority.
  • Providing production and service activities with well trained and qualified personnel.
  • Fulfilling R&D and Product Development studies upon elemental boron and metal borides & carbides & nitrides.
  • Aiming to be among the leading companies  by following technological progress, without compromising trust, reliability and fairness principles.
  • Providing the safety and security of the team members and subsidiary collaborates against potential risks and occupational incidents.
  • Caring the environmental health and safety issues and providing the outmost importance for better and cleaner life.
  • Foreseeing the potential risks, planning to avoid occupational accidents and taking action plans to ensure the safety and security of the working environments.
  • Building the awareness, enhancing the knowledge and contributing the national and global values of environmental issues.
  • Improving and enriching our Integrated Management System Policy continuously as the whole team of Pavezyum.

General Manager

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    OUR TEAMWe'll Ensure You Always Get the Best Results

    Regardless of which division, testing services, silicone mock vessels, or test equipment, our team will go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of service and accuracy of data.

    Dr. Richard Garrett

    Nicholas King, PhD


    Linda Hoffman, PhD


    Melissa Williamson, PhD

    LABORATORY MANAGERMelissa Williamson, PhD

    TESTIMONIALSWhat Our Clients Say

    I greatly appreciate the communication on the process, what we needed to do in terms of providing samples, what to expect. Novalab provided what we needed in terms of certification that we can use with our customers.
    Morgan Macleod
    Pavezyum Kimya Şirketinin elemental bor ile metal borürlerin üretimi ve satışı konusunda kalite yetki belgesi.
    Pavezyum Advanced Chemicals is certified with ISO 14001 for fulfilling Health and Safety regulations.
    Pavezyum Advanced Chemicals is certified in order to process and sale boron and metal borides.
    Pavezyum Advanced Chemicals is certified with ISO 45001 for fulfilling Occupational Health and Safety regulations.
    Pavezyum Advanced Chemicals is certified with ISO 45001 for fulfilling Occupational Health and Safety regulations.