EventsSlippery when BN’ed

31 March 20210

PavTec – Pavezyum Technical Ceramics just added another valuable product among the portfolio:  hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN).

h-BN is a chemically inert compound even at high temperatures such as .  It has low density, excellent thermal shock stability, excellent electrical insulation character and remarkably high thermal conductivity, mainly used as high temperature 1000°C under air while upto 2400°C under inert atmosphere.

According to the recent updates, PavTec BN can be produced in high purity powder form (99.5+%), in sprayable slurry form (85-99.5%) and in aerosol spray cans.

The particle size of the BN is around 3 to 8 micrometer by means of D90 values.

Scaled-up production line will be active in mid-2021 while samples are tested and authorized by the B2B customers recently.

If you are interested in the PavTec Boron Nitride, do not hesitate to contact for the inquiry.  Mind stating the application area and requested technical specifications for customized products in advance.

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